Jodorowsky's Dune 2013

Shot in France, England, Switzerland and the United States, this documentary covers director Alejandro Jodorowsky (El Topo, Holy Mountain, Santa Sangre) and his 1974 Quixotic attempt to adapt the seminal sci-fi novel Dune into a feature film. After spending 2 years and millions of dollars, the massive undertaking eventually fell apart, but the artists Jodorowsky assembled for the legendary project continued to work together. This group of artists, or his “warriors” as Jodorowsky named them, went on to define modern sci-fi cinema with such films as Alien, Blade Runner, Star Wars and Total Recall.

The Jodorowsky Constellation 1994

This documentary depicts the filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky talking about his life, his loves, his career as a filmmaker, graphic novelist, and workshop leader, and his eccentricities including tarot reader and theatrical director during The Panic Movement. Directed by Louis Mouchet, La Constellation Jodorowsky includes a lengthy on-camera interview with Jodorowsky in Spanish with subtitles. Marcel Marceau, Fernando Arrabal, Peter Gabriel, Jean "Moebius" Giraud, and Jean Pierre Vignau make appearances discussing their various projects with the director. In addition to the interview and film clips, Mouchet features some bizarre footage from Jodorowsky’s absurdist plays in which topless women splattered with paint writhe around the stage in a theatrical production meant to represent The Panic Movement, i.e., an artistic expression in which reason cannot fully express the human experience.

Blink Jodorowsky

One in a series of projects by Simon Boswell, an audio-visual installation of portraits extracted from news footage, looped to last forever, and individually scored with their own soundtracks.

Panico Jodorowsky 2000

Panico is the surrealist-inspired movement that Jodorowsky founded in 1962. "Our current generation - writes Jodorowsky in his 1965 'manifesto' Towards the ephemeral panic or drawing the theater out of the theater - is a circus in which the characters divide in 'augusti', clown and audience. The panic man is the clown; the citizen who affirms only one idea at a time, seeks a single solution for each problem and believes he is 'being', is the august; the immense mass of idle idlers are the public. However, every audience is an 'august' in power and every 'august' can evolve into a clown because the world is panic. »

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